Alex Mitris

Alex is not an ordinary marketing guy talking about Social Media Advertising or bragging for the degrees on his wall.

On the contrary, he has no university degree, and he believes social media is a good excuse for people to call themselves “digital marketers” when, in reality, most of them know nothing about sales and persuasion.

Although he loves education, he strongly disagrees with the current educational system. He believes it is killing the entrepreneurial spirit by programming people:

1) To expect a paycheck at the end of the month.

2) Believing that there is only 1 right answer to a problem.

3) Believing that the harder they work, the more money they are going to make.

alexandros mitris

A boy born in Albania, raised in Greece and who traveled abroad all alone (687km) at the age of 10...

At ‌age 10, he traveled from Greece to Albania (687 km) by bus, alone.

At ‌15, he worked on the family business doing PNL statements and figuring out ways to expand it.​

At ‌18, he worked as a salesperson in a boutique store.

At ‌21, he traveled 3.214 miles from Greece to Dubai in order to explore the city's opportunities (all alone).

At ‌24, he dropped out of a prestigious UK University to seek street-wise business & marketing education.

alex mitris

In 2 short years, he read 105+ books and spent 5+ figures on courses in business strategy, human persuasion & consumer buying behavior.

Some of his teachers are:

Robert Collier, Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Neil French, Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Eugene Schwartz...

Mel Martin, John Caples, Victor Schwab, Michael Masterson, Joseph Sugarman, Jay Abraham, Dan S. Kennedy, Robert Cialdini, Brian Tracy, Myron Golden, Alex Hormozi, Russell Branson, Tony Robbins, Peter Sage, T. Harv Eker, Vincent James, and many more...

As Peter Drucker said: A business is only 2 things, marketing and innovation, everything else it's a cost.

A small tip even if we won't work together:

Don't go cheap with your marketing guy the same way you wouldn't go cheap with your heart surgeon. Mistakes on this level can be deadly.

alex mitris

Alex Mitris

In case you want to work with Alex… There are 3 ways!

Way 1) Arrange a strategy call where he consults with you on the problem you are facing. 

The call is recorded and in the end, you will receive a specific map with the steps you need to follow. 

*Make sure the problem you want to solve, once solved, will save you or make you at least $5000-$10000.

Way 2) Arrange a call with Alex himself for business coaching. More details on the call and you might face a waiting list for this service.

Way 3) A done-for-you Marketing Tsunami Package, which means that Alex and his team will take care of all your marketing activities. 

There is a qualification process based on your niche, revenue and profits, also a waiting list.

Alex Mitris
alexandros mitris

Some call him

A Marketing 



The Go-To guy

for results

His words:

When you want to become good at something…

In the beginning, (most likely) you will take the wrong path. The reason? 

As human beings, we are programmed for immediate gratification.

Our minds seek the easy way, the quick win, the get-rich-quick-scheme.

This is the reason why “the lottery” attracts so many people.

Everybody wants money and they want it fast, with little or no effort!

In business, it takes a couple of failures to realize that "the magic pill or the secret recipe", does not exist.

When everybody was searching for the new Social Media Secret, I had to go back to the 1880s when Albert Lasker (the man who sold America) and other legendary marketers started their journey and sold billions of dollars through old-school mail and newspaper ads.

There were no social media back then - marketers had to be great at persuasion or there was no food on the table.

Social media, TV, Radio, newspapers, and events are simply communication channels.

They deliver your offer through your message.

It requires a specific set of skills (which you can’t easily find in the marketplace) to create an irresistible offer with the right message-to-market match.

Alex is not considered a cheap solution...

He is charging 4-figures for a single strategy session, and won't work with start-up owners unless they have a fund that can provide the capital required for a serious promotion.

“The biggest problem with start-up owners is their mindset and belief system. Above that, they haven’t experienced costly mistakes, and that’s why, they can’t value good advice.” - he says.

“I do charge a lot - but most of my profits will come from the excess business I will bring you. Yeah, there is a fee in order to start and make sure I am talking to a serious person, but that’s nothing special. My real profits are based on the results you will get!” - he says.

Let’s see some of Alex's results (because numbers never lie)...

One day, one of his friends was facing a serious problem trying to attract new clients for her English tutoring business.

She was great at what she did, but the only way she had to get clients was by referrals and word of mouth. 

When that channel stopped working for her, she didn't know how to position and promote herself in order to attract new customers.

Alex created the funnel, the message, the right positioning, the advertising strategy, the offline qualification process (in 48 hours) and asked her to double her prices. 

The results?

In 24 hours she had 33 hot leads waiting to do business with her. 

She was in a position to choose the clients she wanted to work with and not the other way around.

What about the campaign's numbers and R.O.I?

For every dollar we spend on advertising, we got $83 back!

Julie, English Tutor & a Life Coach

Let's see another case! 

One of Alex's friends was struggling with cold emails in order to attract new clients...

Very low open and click rates - nobody was reading the message - no phone calls. 

Alex did a quick fix on the email subject line and the main copy (which took him 12 minutes), and the results...

Email open rate: 56.2%

Click rate: 14.1%

The next day, prospects were waiting on the phone.

Mario, Direct Response Marketer 

This is (maybe) the reason some people call him a marketing wizard.

His unique ability to figure out the primary cause of the problem, and craft a customized solution, is something you can’t easily find in most marketing consultants.

He knows how to grab attention, and then, multiply it! 

See by yourself his “crazy” business card…

alex mitris business card

His words:

Well, my job is all about money and results - I believe such a business card can clearly state my message to a new prospect!

  • It’s the same size as a $100 note. 
  • Same texture. 
  • Same color. 
  • It has a different message on the back and a different image on the front.

Scroll up again and watch it carefully because I am going to ask you 5 questions from a marketing perspective.

Imagine we are at a bar. You don’t know me; you are running a business; we have a chat, and I give you my business card.

1) Will my business card grab your attention?

2) Will you place that business card on the same place you place the rest?

3) Will you show my business card to some of your friends? (free exposure)

4) After 6 months, when you will see it again, will you remember me?

5) Does this card give you a good reason to scan the QR code on the back?

I believe you know the answer to all 5 questions. 

If we stop, and think for a second about the reason a business card exists, it’s because…

We Want To Invite Someone To Come To Our World!

In order to successfully invite, we need 2 things:

1) Attention.

2) A good reason for the other party to call or visit us.

To grab attention, we differentiate.

To give a good reason, we need a message that addresses our prospect’s desires or problems.

People care for themselves and their problems, not ours!